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About Us

Upix creations are the fastest, full-service animation studio in India, specializing in high-quality 3D animation from concept to completion.
The studio focuses on developing and producing fast animated, high-quality original animation series for delivery across multiple media channels, and innovative VR content.
Upix creations employ numbers of creators and animators in India and have offices in Andhra Pradesh (Vijayawada).

With thousands of followers and millions of views, Upix creations are known around the world for ( its unique style of the production pipeline, which keeps it to deliver the output in the fastest way) .upix creations handles every step of the 3D animation content workflow: from storyboards to real-time 3D production to CG animation. 
develops new technologies that push the boundaries of immersive entertainment and animation production.


We U Pix Creations are specialized in game cinematic, cartoon films, creating motion graphics, credit titles, and visual effects for movies, short films, medical animation, architectural visualisation, business presentations, web designs, print works and commercial advertising. If you’re interested in high quality results with your low budget, might we suggest our company for your next project. Throughout our history we have maintained the singular vision to inspire and entertain by bringing imagination to life.

3D Animation

Creative Development, Character design, Set/BG Design, Modeling, Rigging, Lighting, Texturing, Shading, Character Animation, Particle Effects, Crowd Animation, Matte Painting, Scripting, Animatics, Shot layout/Story boarding.

Game Assets Development

Concept Art, Illustrations, Environment Designs, Vehicle & Property Design, Character Modelling, Set Design & Modelling, Game Cinematics, Matte Painting, Animation..

3D Interactive Development

3D Interactive Product Visualisation, Interactive E- Learning, Kinect based Interactive Games, Interactive  Scientific Tools, interactive 3D character, Interactive Presentation, 3D Interactive steario scopic Development, Interactive Holo graphics Development.


Visual Effects

VFX Design & Production, Photorealistic Character design, Character expression Animation, Fliid effects, Matte Painting & Background.